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Tax Implications for Dematerialization of Shares & Why now is the time for physical to demat conversion

The introduction of Demat in 1996 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has revolutionized the Indian capital …

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Where to claim for Loan Against Securities at an affordable interest rate? How does Rurash customize the solutions as per your requirement and investment profile?

Selling shares or securities is only one way to raise funds to meet unforeseen expenses. A lesser-known way is to …

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Key Considerations for NRI Investments in India.

How Rurash’s NRI Financial Concierge offers the featured services to NRIs based in UK, Kenya, Middle East and APAC (Asia …

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Possible Problems and Solutions in Converting Physical Share Certificates to Demat form?

Do you hold physical share certificates? Are you struggling with the IEPF recovery claims? Looking for ownership transfer for your …

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Reasons why IPO bound stocks are more in demand in the unlisted equity market

Introduction In 2021, 63 Indian companies collected Rs. 1.19 trillion through initial public offerings (IPOs), with most companies reporting positive …

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Mutual Fund Investments in India, How are they safer than direct equity investment?

The Indian financial market offers a wide range of investment opportunities, each tailored to a different investor profile. Equity is …

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